CPRE - Consortium for Policy Research in Education at the University of Wisconsin Madison

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WCER Research team

Project Staff:
      Chris Daniel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Adam Gamoran, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Jackie Roessler, University of Wisconsin-Madison
      Ruth Lopez Turley, Rice University
      Carmen Valdez, University of Wisconsin-Madison

     Lynn McDonald, Middlesex University, London, England

      Jackie Roessler
      Project Manager
      (608) 263-4544

Southwest Behavioral
Phoenix, Arizona

Ed McClelland
VP of Community Services
(602) 285-4284

Christine Montague
Program Director
Community & Youth Development Prevention Program
(602) 305-7126 ext. 3350

Family Service Association
San Antonio, Texas

Luis Perez
Manager of Youth Services
(210) 431-7520

Mylinda Swierc
Director of Quality Assurance for Systems and Contracts
(210) 299-2472